Seriously, how lazy do you have to be to turn slip on shoes, or slippers, into flip flops by mashing down the back of them?

Wow. This random guy with his 5 yr old daughter, is helping himself to fruit from my customers front yard. Kind of want to stick around to see if the curmudgeonly owner sees him

According to elevators, nobody should weigh more than 160 lbs, as the weight requirements are 4000 lbs or 25 people.

Seriously, who steals car door magnets that advertise businesses? Well, somebody does, because my wifes is gone. F#%&tards

Im always amazed at how stupid people are. Cop is flying up the street in the left lane, and a guy in that lane just stops, and stops hard to where the cop almost rear ended him. He wouldn’t move, so everybody on the right had to move , so the cop could maneuver around the right side of this guy. Unbelievable

Oops, that’s the first time Ive scared someone to tears. Poor Buffee was sound asleep, and I accidentally clicked on a Facebook video as I was trying to scroll, with my phone being at full volume.

I thank God all the time for my quick reflexes. Saved myself from being torn apart by 2 German Shepherds today. They latched on to my satchel, the owner was out, yelled at them and they took off thankfully. Dogs are usually happy if they get to bite something. Can’t tell you how many times my satchel has saved me a trip to the hospital

That was interesting. Customer stops me and asks where I got my ink done. Then asked where I think the best art comes from. I said “the guys that did my stuff in California.” He said “No! F#%$ a tattoo parlor. All the tightest stuff comes from prison, right?! That’s because they use a single pin system instead of 3 pin, etc” All the while, he was racing through sentences, while using the “f” word every couple words, and he was obviously on some kind of upper. He finishes his speech by saying “Stop by sometime, I’ll hook you up, and I’ll make sure Im not high when I do it!” Really? Thanks! Think I’ll pass though

CBIOF (Cant believe its only Friday)

I don’t understand why I see so many people wearing headphones in their car.